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Collection of viruses of ornamental plants

The collection of pathogenic viruses of ornamental plants has been created since the 1950s in parallel with the virological research led by Ing. Věra Mokrá, CSc. Virus isolates have been used for long-term virological research and even practical diagnostics, especially in serodiagnostics and in the ELISA methods as a reference for the specificity of the used (commercial) antibodies. When the National Program on Protection of Genetic Resources of Economically Significant Microorganisms and Tiny Animals was created in the Czech Republic, our collection was included in it. In 2018 our collection contained 127 isolates of 25 viruses and 15 isolates of a viroid.

Most of the virus isolates are kept in dried plant tissues of the indicator hosts desiccated over calcium chloride (CaCl2). TSWV, INSV, DsMV and PSTVd are stored in chosen live plants. The collection also provides virus isolates for research and diagnostic purposes.


DNA virus  
Genus Caulimovirus  
Dahlia mosaic virus DMV
RNA viruses  
Genus Carlavirus  
Chrysanthemum virus B CVB
Poplar mosaic virus PopMV
Genus Carmovirus  
Calibrachoa mottle virus CbMV
Carnation mottle virus CarMV
Pelargonium flower break virus PFBV
Genus Cucumovirus  
Cucumber mosaic virus CMV
Tomato aspermy virus TAV
Genus Ilarvirus  
Tobacco streak virus TSV
Genus Necrovirus  
Tobacco necrosis virus TNV
Genus Nepovirus  
Arabis mosaic virus ArMV
Genus Potexvirus  
Hydrangea ring spot virus HdRSV
Potato virus X PVX
Genus Potyvirus  
Dasheen mosaic virus DsMV
Plum pox virus PPV
Potato virus Y PVY
Genus Tobamovirus  
Tobacco mosaic virus TMV
Odontoglossum ring spot virus ORSV
Tomato mosaic virus ToMV
Genus Tombusvirus  
Tomato bushy stunt virus ToBSV
Petunia asteroid mosaic virus PetAMV
Genus Tospovirus  
Tomato spotted wilt virus TSWV
Impatiens necrotic spot virus INSV
Genus Trichovirus  
Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus ACLSV
Genus Tymovirus  
Scrophularia mottle virus ScrMV
Genus Pospivirus  
Potato spindle tuber viroid PSTVd


Responsible Person: Ing. Josef Mertelík, CSc. ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
Colleagues: Ing. Jana Jobbiková, Aleš Tobyška