Skrýt nabídku

The Institute’s main activities include:

  • research on biodiversity, natural processes in natural and cultural ecosystems,
  • research of the cultural landscape- urban and countryside, its development and long-term use,
  • research on ecological networks and ecosystem services,
  • research on natural temperate forests, biomonitoring of contamination and
  • research on biogeochemical cycles in the environment,
  • research on biological risks, especially ecologically and economically significant invasive pathogens of autochtonous tree species and other plant pests and searching for taxa with natural resistance to major diseases and pests,
  • research on biomass for energy and material use and analysis of its potential in the CR,
  • research on the gene pool of plants and microorganisms, including the collection, and protection of critically endangered plant species in the Czech Republic,
  • research on new propagation and cultivation technologies for non-productive plants, including the development of new limited-resource efficient substrates as well as breeding of new varieties of ornamental plants.

The Institute’s library houses the largest collection of published information in the specialized fields covered here. The Institute’s other activities include teaching, as well as advisory and evaluation activities for interested government, local authorities and companies, expert assessments, professional seminars, training, and information and awareness raising activities. The Institute also deals with commercial production of plant material.
The 73ha Dendrological Garden in Průhonice is part of the Institute. Since 1994, it has been registered under statute nr. 114/1992 Coll. as a significant landscape element. The Garden is part of the Institute’s research infrastructure, housing collections of over 8000 taxa of woody species and perennials, but because of its accessibility for the public it also serves an educational purpose in raising public awareness of the environment. The Institute also runs the Floret Educational and Information Center, that has a well-equipped conference center for 600 people, but also smaller areas and lecture rooms for expert conferences, seminars and company training events, as well as accommodation and restaurant services.

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